Know About Imessage And Its Features

iMessage is a useful messaging service provided by Apple Inc and supported by most of the iOS versions started by iOS 5 and later. The application enables the users to send message, pictures, videos and more. One can personalize and customize the messaging application by enabling this application and its features.

Important features of iMessage:

iMessage is an important application that allows users to send different kind of messages, documents, videos, pictures, contacts to the other paired device. It is an alternative to sending messaging over other technologies like SMS or MMS. This application can be accessed through an iPhone, iPad etc. If you want to access this application but you don't know How to install iMessage through App Store first and this app is free of cost so you don’t have to worry about paying any money for this application.

iMessages are exchanged between two users and one needs type and send the message in the form of a bubble. In theEarlier version of iMessage, the application contained more less options but he new iOS contains various amazing features. On normal devices, messages are sent from one device to another but on iPhone, the messages can be exchanged as a chat conversation between two devices in the form of text bubbles and green buttons as an iMessage communication.

The imessage is encrypted and can be easily tracked with the use of delivery reports. By default, the sender is not able to get the delivery report but if the recipient delivery is not enabled then the sender will be able to get the reports. Group chat can also be enabled that allows you to send message in the form of chat conversation. Bubble or screen effect is now available with iOS 10 and one can send the message by simply tracking it in the form of chat conversation in between two iphone users.

Predictive text feature

Another important and key feature of imessage application is that it has predictive text message control. You can write and complete sentences by using the predictive control based method and writing styles. In order to enable this feature, you need to open the app setting.

Have you learnt about imessage SMS service application available in iphone? Imessage is a great interaction, good featured application that enables the users to send and exchange message. It has many improvements in terms of interface, usage, presentation and ease of usage.

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