SnapTube for PC Download on Windows 7/8.1/10 Laptop and Mac

Videos are something that brightens our life. We watch several videos daily some relevant and some irrelevant. The biggest source of our videos viewing is from the most popular source in this whole world called the YouTube. Here are many other sources which claim to provide us videos but they do not have similar capacity as that of YouTube. There are more than millions of videos that are uploaded on this site. It has become the global site for videos.

So when we say we want to watch videos the only name that pops up in our head is YouTube. But due to this popular demand, YouTube added many extra layers of securities hence, making it almost impossible to download any video from the site. But if there is an obstacle it is human nature to try to overcome it anyhow.

So people started brainstorming over the fact how to download YouTube videos so that we can watch our favorite videos anytime we want. They came up with this amazing app called Snaptube for PC which will allow you to download videos from YouTube.

SnapTube for PC Download on Windows 7/8.1/10 Laptop and Mac:

Its fast action and quick download are making this app one of the best of its kind. Snaptube offers the option to download your desired video in any resolution you want. If the 1080p version is available you can download it. You can also convert and download a video as an mp3 file. You won’t need any extra plugins/software to convert it.

There is an awesome search option in Snaptube which helps you to search for your desired videos. The app is totally ad free which makes it more prominent. No annoying ads will disturb you in between so you can proceed with your download without any hindrance.

SnapTube for PC Laptop Download on Windows:

We talked a lot about this app let us see how we can acquire this app on our PC. We need to follow few steps to acquire this app on our PC.

  1. Even though this SnapTube App is very handy, it is not available in Google Play store. But its availability does not decrease the credibility of the app. Google Play store runs under very strict rules and regulation.
  2. It has the minimum of millions of rules that an app need to follow to survive in Playstore. In case, the app fails to follow any of the rules, it is removed from the Play store. So, not always the apps not available on Playstore is not bad.
  3. Google wanted to give these apps another legal exposure so that these useful apps do not lose their purpose. So they introduced the new way of download. This innovative way is the app download.
  4. But to run this app on your PC you will require third-party software. No matter what Snaptube remains an android app which means without third-party software it won’t work on your PC. This third party software is called “Emulator” or “BlueStacks”.
  5. There is much other software which can substitute BlueStacks but that software is not as good as this. BlueStacks is the most used and user-friendly software in the market.
  6. Downloading BlueStacks on your PC is very easy. You need to follow few steps and you are ready to go use BlueStacks on your PC.
  7. Go to your desired browser and go to the link This is the official site for the app.
  8. You can also download the app from many other sites. But those sites may contain harmful malware which can ruin your PC’s system. So to avoid any kind of mishap it is suggested that you download from the official website only.
  9. When we go to the website we can see the install button there. By clicking on the install button, the download of the executable setup file will start. This setup file is the key to download the BlueStacks.
  10. The downloading of the setup file should not take much time since it is of few KB but your computer needs to be connected to the internet.
  11. After that, run the setup file to complete the installation of BlueStacks on your PC. It will take some time as all the files need properly set up on your computer to function properly.
  12. During the installation, you can continue doing your work but do not restart or shut down your PC by mistake.
  13. Once you are done with download and installation of BlueStacks, go to your desired browser and your desired search engine.
  14. In the search tab type “Snaptube Apk”. The search engine will immediately provide you will zillions of results and links to the app download.
  15. Select the most recent and updated link that you find. It is suggested that you go for the most recent link.
  16. The reason being, if you by chance download the outdated version of the app, it will automatically ask for the update once you are done with the installation. So to avoid extra downloading it is better to go for the updated version of an app.
  17. Download the apk file on your PC. Once you are done downloading, right click on the apk file and run it via BlueStacks.
  18. Once you do that the proper installation of the app will start and the app will be downloaded within few minutes.
  19. Now your app is all set and ready to explore. Just a slight reminder, you need to open BlueStacks every time you want to run Snaptube. It is mandatory.

With this app you can download all the videos you want and whenever you want. Snaptube no doubt opened a new platform for all the users. Along with YouTube, it is compatible with all other sites like Dailymotion and Vimeo also. This gives the app some more brownie point over the other apps that exist in this category. Since a lot of people are putting their trust in this app we can say this app is definitely worth your time and it will not disappoint you in any way.

This was a tutorial on How to Download SnapTube for PC/Laptop If you have any doubt about Installing SnapTube Apk then comment below.